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Sywell Airgun Sports Club Facilities

Sywell Airgun Club is fortunate that it shares its grounds with a number of other shooting clubs and has access to a club house and a fully furnished cafe which can supply cooked foods and hot/cold drinks.

Currently we have 2 shooting areas available to us with the option of a third when holding club competitions.  Both shooting areas have the facility to shoot up to 55 yards. On normal club shoots we use 40mm knock down / knock up targets.

During competitions we change over to 40mm string targets, These are a little bit more of a challenge. Air rifles currently used at the club are Spring  and Pre-charged rifles.

On your first visit to Sywell you will be welcomed to a Safety Briefing and a chance to have a go at shooting on the range. We can supply a rifle and pellets for the first visit for you to use. After tuition, if you haven’t shot before, you may then carry on plinking or have a go at the course set out for the day’s Competition. Do not be afraid if you don’t hit much, we all started at the same point. You will soon get the hang of things. 

If you do not want to participate in the competitions you can always stay on the Plinking range for some leisurely fun. 

If you are new to the sport and are not sure what to buy, by visiting the Club and trying out different rifles and talking to other club members you should be able to make the right purchases. We can also advise you on where to purchase rifles.

We also have a fully equipped Pistol Range.

Tuition available

Please read the Home Office Guidance for Air Weapons leaflet at the top of the page.

If you are visiting for the first time, could you please contact us prior to your visit so we can meet you at the car park. Here we will walk you up to the range.

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We look forward to seeing you at Sywell.

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