The club meets on a Sunday morning around 9 a.m to set up and shoot either a club shoot or a club competition or have a leisurely shoot on the Plinking Range.

A club shoot is 40 targets set out and shot informally giving us a bit of practice to hone our skills in air gun shooting.

A club competition is varied through out the year.

There is NO pressure to participate in any Club shoots if you only want to Plink.


We have a Summer Competition which is Field Target. Targets set out from 10 to 55 yards and shot by range finding.  Results are recorded by a percentage of the top shooter of the day.

Handicap . This is set out the same as Field Target but depending on what rifle or scope you are using you will be given extra points.

Scored by hits with the handicap added after the shoot.

Piston                                    +3

x9 Mag scope and below    +3

x16 Mag scope and below  +2

X24 Mag scope and below  +1

Open sights                          +4

Using a .22 rifle                    +3

Junior shooter U17              +3

Summer Hunt. This is based on HFT (Hunter Field Target), in which you are not allowed to range find. Targets are set to a maximum of 45 yards. You are only allowed to kneel or lie down for this and you also have to touch the post or plate which is on the firing line. Scoring is 2 for a knockdown and one for a plate hit. (maximum score 80)

Frost Bite is our Winter Competition. This is a Handicap based shoot.

We also run 3 memorial shoots throughout the year which are.

The Mick Groome Trophy

The Atkinson Cup

The Snedkar cup

Pistol Range. We have a covered pistol range offering safe practice of pistol shooting. Knockdown and paper targets are available to use.

We currently do not hold Pistol competitions.

Summer Series

A friendly get together between the Fenland clubs. A Field Target competition consisting of 2 rounds.  PCP is shot in the morning and Piston and Open are shot in the afternoon. 30 targets in each round. Clubs involved Sywell, Hereward, Broadlands and Mid-Shires Marksmen.

Regional shoots.

Fenland Field Target association (Oct to March) Dates on Board.

Grand Prix Series (BFTA)

This is visiting different regions within the UK (Apr to Sept) to compete in the National Summer competition.  50 targets